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Convicted by stories

We help honest brands know and own their identity.  Learn More.

We believe in the power and simplicity of telling stories well.

Marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be tricky, deceptive or manipulative. We believe that if you boil down the oftentimes fluffy and hollow elements that define marketing and advertising, at the core is an honest and sincere story just waiting to be told.

StoryHook is a nontraditional marketing and advertising studio that approaches everything from a story perspective. What does that mean? We think every person, business and organization has a story, but we’ve noticed that too many good stories go untold. By leveraging the creativity of writers and designers, we seek to find, craft and tell stories with genuine marketing and advertising.

Lincoln Christian School

Branding, Content, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

Oxen Technology

Branding, Content, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

Kitchen Sink Bakery

Branding, Content, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

Big fan of case studies? We have lots more! See the rest.

Our team is creative and meaning-focused.

We design with intention, using a brand’s story as the basis for everything we create.

We share stories of people in our community. Why? Because, stories are everywhere and they’re powerful. The people we feature aren’t our clients and we produce this series with our own time and resources – because we believe in the power of a good story.

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Amy Green

Ivanna Cone

Ann Ringlein

Lincoln Running Company

Mike Smith

The Bay

Paul Jarrett

Bulu Box

Bryan Clark

Lincoln Berean

Dan Sloan

The Mill

Your brand tells a story.

But is it the right story? Let’s talk.

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