Capital Campaigns

Fundraising can be a daunting task, but building a compelling campaign starts with understanding your story and learning how to tell it well.

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  • Theme Development

    A strong theme builds anticipation and energy around a movement, making it memorable and connecting it to the vision and mission of the organization.

  • Print Materials

    Whether it’s a flyer, handout, pledge card or booklet, each printed material should be designed to communicate the vision of the campaign.

  • Vision-focused Media

    Creating and releasing media pieces throughout the life of a campaign helps to keep a campaign dynamic and engaging over time.

  • Website Design & Development

    We design and develop capitol campaign websites to house the necessary information, show progress and serve as a giving platform for users.

StoryHook was professional and knowledgeable.  They were able to organize and synthesize our history and objectives in a beautiful format, and helped us communicate with our people clearly and winsomely.  I appreciated the depth of their questions and the sincerity of their desire to help us.

Ben Loos - Head Pastor

Grace Chapel