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Finding, crafting, telling

Because people need good stories

We started StoryHook because we believe in the power of stories, and because we are driven and convicted by our desire to create meaningful content.

When we took a closer look at the way traditional marketing and advertising were done, we saw a process that was rigid and lacked meaning. It was about big proposals and lofty promises, but often overlooked the thing that brands needed most – storytelling. We knew stories needed to set the tone of our business – in the way we met with clients, built websites, shot video, wrote copy and interacted with brands. Our story started with discontent, but that’s not where we’re at now. We’ve seen courageous brands step up and own their story, embrace their weaknesses and better understand their strengths. This is the best part of our job – telling stories  and making marketing meaningful.

Our Non-negotiables

  • People over profit
  • Carpenters, not hammers
  • Make everything meaningful
  • Quality over quantity
  • Content drives everything
  • Always ask ‘why?’
  • Authentic, not tricky
  • Listen first, then act
  • Results over promises

Overheard at StoryHook

“We’re non-traditional.”

We don’t function like a ‘typical’ agency. We’re flexible when it comes to price and timelines and don’t follow a formula for ideation and production.

“We do everything in-house.”

We don’t contract out production to people who aren’t in our office. For example: If we’re building you a website, you can call us and talk through change or idea without needing to know Russian.

“We’re writers and designers.”

Strong writing and design are the core of what we do. We’ve found that stories can be told better when we keep the visuals and the story in mind from the beginning to the end of a project.

“We keep the story at the center.”

Stories aren’t just written or told, they’re part of how people perceive a brand or why they choose a product. When we keep a brand’s story at the center, we create media that’s consistent and powerful.

When was the last time a story made you laugh, cry or act? We tell stories because they’re what we’ve built our company around. They’re powerful and worth telling – and everyone has a story.

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Are you proud to show off your brand?

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