We keep great stories at the center of all we do. Find out How

Why we started

When we established our central beliefs it came down to two key tenets – stories matter and people need good stories. We started thinking long and hard about how to get other people to see the value and power of stories and this is how the Stories Matter series was born.

In many ways this series is our unofficial blog. It’s where we share short stories about people within our community. It’s about people who have great stories that are authentic, powerful and compelling.

For us, hearing and writing these stories every week is our way of proving both to ourselves and others that stories really do matter. And it’s our way of putting our time and energy behind what we believe.

How do you pick people to feature?

Great question! This might sound silly, but we made a list. We wrote down people we knew we wanted to feature and we worked out from there. We’ve received some great suggestions from friends and people around town, which is also extremely helpful. Our goal is tell a variety of stories from people of all ages and backgrounds to represent our community well.

Do people pay to have their story told?

Nope. We ask people to tell their story to us, in some ways, we think we should pay them for letting us into their lives for a few hours! (But we don’t do that either.) Bottom line: no money is exchanged in the Stories Matter series.

‘I know someone with a great story, what should I do?’

Tell us! We love getting suggestions about people to feature in our series. We don’t pretend to know everyone or everything about our community, so we’d love any leads you might have. However, just a friendly reminder that this series is near and dear to our hearts and not every story you request will be featured. Disappointment is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send us lots of suggestions to consider!

How long do you plan to keep this going?

As long as we can! There are lots of stories to be told, so we think we’ll be at this for quite some time. Plus, we’d like to extend our reach beyond Lincoln’s borders…but that won’t be for a little while. Stay tuned.

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