The Challenge

Allison started out as a one-woman show. She did it all because she was a small, growing business. But she had big dreams and ideas for her company. Allison wanted to compete in the market, because she believes in her product and the joy it brings people. Our goal was to stay true to her style, understand her limitations as a small business, but also push her toward projects that would build her brand and grow her business.

The Approach

After being in business for 4 years, Kitchen Sink needed a brand refresh. Her business was going gang-busters and Allison needed a logo and brand that specifically fit her style. After talking through what people love about both Allison and her bakery, we knew we needed something that had the traditional bakery feel, but with a funky vibe. Her baked goods are edgy and over the top and her brand needed to match that style. We paired bright, nearly neon colors with a new logo mark and added cascading cookies and pop tarts to a new website. The result was a look and feel as memorable as the sugar high her customers get from her baked goods.

The thing I appreciate most about working with StoryHook is their creative approach to branding. Rather than creating an image that’s trendy, they really took the time to dig in to what drives my business.

Allison Newgard - Owner

Kitchen Sink Bakery

Kitchen Sink Bakery has a cult following, it was our goal to capture and tell that story.