The Challenge

After being around for more than 65 years, the story and mission were still the same but they were getting lost in the messaging. Our goal was to clarify these elements so that they were consistent and compelling across every medium.

The Approach

When we met the team at Lincoln Christian we started by talking through what makes LCS different than other schools – why generations of families send their students to the same school and why new families would want to send their kids to Lincoln Christian. We quickly realized that while the challenging academics were highly valued by families, it really was the teachers, staff and the environment that encourage parents to send their children to Lincoln Christian each year. The environment prepared students for the future by both equipping their hearts and their minds for the challenges of life, and that was the story we knew we needed to help tell.

The work they’ve assisted us with has produced results. The ideas they have brought to us have a unique edge that helps us get noticed, or communicate in a way that attracts attention and generates leads.

Jill Ballard - Admissions & Communications Director

Lincoln Christian School

We took a simple, but intentional approach to each marketing piece – UX/UI, graphic design, filming, messaging and photography – recognizing that the story can easily get lost in the shuffle, but we never wanted that to be the case.