The Challenge

The president of the company approached us shortly after he joined Heartland Technology Solutions. The company had been bought and changed its name numerous times, which was confusing and frustrating for both employees and clients. Oddly enough, the company itself was doing great - people loved their service and the friendly technicians, but the president wanted more than a disjointed company that did good work. He wanted to unify his team, maximize their efforts and provide an unbeatable service.

The Approach

What we saw when we looked at Heartland Technology Solutions was a lot of potential. We also saw that what their clients valued wasn’t the name of the company, but the people who they worked with. Our first step was to survey everyone in the company to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We then moved on to past and present clients and gradually began to see what Heartland needed most. What we saw, was that they had a great story, it was just hidden under IT jargon, a confusing brand and five very disjointed branches.

StoryHook’s focus on understanding our company, personality, essence and our unique story was critical to the success of our rebranding project. They saw the strength of our company’s story better than we saw it ourselves.

Bob Gentzler - CEO

Oxen Technology

OXEN was an unexpected name. It wasn’t cutting-edge or techy, it was simple and to the point – and that’s exactly what the brand needed.